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  • Works under: Windows 2000
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  • Program by Activision

Weave Webs as only Spider-Man Can

A short time ago The Amazing Spider-Man film was released and not surprisingly a game of the same name followed shortly afterwards. While the film was certainly colourful, it was criticised for being simply a remake of the Spider-Man story and not really offering anything new. Read on to discover if The Amazing Spider-Man game will cast gamers in its web or if it fails to satisfy.

On the face of things, The Amazing Spider-Man simply looks like a variation on a theme. The crime fighting hero roams the streets of New York City and completes missions to fight the bad guys and bring them to justice. Sure, there are plenty of fight scenes with various villains along the way, but surely this is nothing new, right?

One of the main differences with this game is that players can actual be Spider-Man and can even see through his eyes. The brand new Web Rush mechanic gives the character more speed and grace, making the game more exciting. Flinging yourself through the city can be a lot of fun and the action feels so real at points as buildings speed past that you might even feel a little bit dizzy.

The sensation of spinning webs and gliding through the city is so exhilarating that you might even find yourself forgetting that there are other elements to the game. As you make your way through the concrete jungle you will be able to collect a series of colourful comic pages to receive a reward.

However, there is much more to the Amazing Spider-Man than this. The various missions take our beloved Spidey to all parts of the city, including the grimy sewers. You may also be tasked with taking escapees back to the asylum and beating up muggers, all in the name of justice of course. Unfortunately, compared to the act of web slinging, these missions can be rather mundane and may make you wish you are back in the air again.

The game has a good sense of humour and wit that can help balance out the less thrilling moments. Hearing Spider-Man make cool quips like he does in the films helps us to remember why we fell in love with this hero in the first place and why he will always be one of the best developed and edgiest Marvel characters.

Unfortunately, even the cool voice samples repeat after a while and players may return to the feeling that they have seen and done it all before. The bottom line is that the game is cool enough for a few hours, but it doesn’t really have what it takes to go the distance.

Still, zooming through the air at top speed is sure to be exciting no matter how many times you do it. Taking a tour of the Oscorp facility will appeal to fans of the films and there are also lots of other great moments such as meeting and interacting with some of the most popular characters from the Spider-Man franchise.

Like the film itself, The Amazing Spider-Man game is not really new and presents elements that we have seen time and time again. For many gamers, the thrill of playing the part of a super hero may well have worn off by now. However, this game does present some cool graphics and other nice features and diehard Spider-Man fans will find plenty here to keep them entertained.


  • Be Spider-Man as he swings through the city
  • Realistic feeling to the action
  • Amazing graphics


  • A rather old concept
  • Mini games can be a bit boring
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